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Giving It A Voice began as a vision given by God to our Founder, Detra Miller, to connect the need for healing with the passion to reach for the one in the room that is silent, and to be a voice for those who have not yet discovered their own. Walking in faith, action was taken to form a team to birth the vision and begin the ministry.

Giving It A Voice was founded in 2020 as a 501(c)3 

We are taking the initiative to help as many people as we can to discover truth while upholding one rule that can't be broken; you are SAFE to let your guards down and be vulnerable.

We will empower you to address and confront your “It”




The things we try to bury that caused you to be silent.

We will walk with you as you exchange brokenness for the healing and true restoration found in Jesus and create opportunities for your voice to be heard.

We believe in unity and collaborating with other organizations in this healing movement, because just as we cannot heal on our own, we as a ministry cannot cultivate change on our own.

Meet the Team

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